See designs in the first meeting.

You’ve built your dream home a thousand times in your head. You’re ready to see it come to life. When you work with our head architect and certified interior designer, Wayne Visbeen, you’ll see designs of your dream home in your very first consultation. This very unique experience happens as Wayne listens to your ideas, asks you important questions, and puts pen to page to create beautiful drawings of your dream home as you collaborate together. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your thoughts, ideas, and dreams transformed into beautiful drawings before your eyes. We’re proud to say that it is an experience only we can offer so check out the video below.

It starts with a lot of sharing and listening.

You have ideas. We want to put that all to use. We want to hear everything you have to say, see everything you have to share, and collaborate on any ideas you may have for your home. So, our process starts with a lot of sharing and a lot of listening.

Then questions and explanations.

After hearing about your initial vision for your dream home, we’ll want to learn about the finer nuances of your everyday life. This involves asking a lot of questions. These questions and your answers will help us design a home that is tailored to your every need.

Finally comes the collaboration and innovation.

Once, we have a solid vision for your home, we’ll begin expanding upon and fine-tuning some of your wants, needs, ideas, and desires. A big part of this process will be putting our energy — and your budget — towards the rooms you use most in your home. In discussing each room and your ideas, we’ll be able to determine where your budget can be best utilized, which will allow us to expand upon some of your ideas to design truly incredible rooms.

Common Questions

What if I’m not located near Visbeen?

We’ve worked with clients across the globe, so we have experience with long-distance partnerships. We have offices in Chicago, Florida, and Costa Rica and can even host you in our charming Live + Work space in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What if I am looking for a service outside of custom home design?

Our approach is the same regardless of what we are designing, though it may change slightly depending on the work. Reach out to us for information on what our process would look like for a project like yours.

What if I am unsure if I can afford a custom design?

We have an option for you. We can work with you to modify one of our existing luxury floor plans starting at $5,000. Schedule a meeting now!

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